An old favourite

Winter sunshine
Winter sunshine

I have recently hooked-up with someone who helped to teach me to dive all those many, many years ago… nearly 30 years if I’m being honest about it! And to my amazement he has never dived on the shallow wreck of the Louis Sheid at Thurlestone in south Devon.

So with a few days of easterlies messing up the local water, we headed down to the gorgeous site and I had the honour of escorting a dive here. I’ve dived & snorkelled this site so many times I know it like the back of my hand. It was just a few weeks ago that I was here with Andy Torbet snorkelling on the wreck.

Swimming through 'the tent' structure
Swimming through ‘the tent’ structure

Having dived here so often I do think my images are all quite ‘samey’ so it was interesting to see what another underwater photographer’s take was on the same old features that I’ve been shooting over the years.

The vis was only 3-4m and there was a lot of detritus in the water from the dying seaweed so getting clean images was a challenge, but using some bizarre strobe positions worked wonders :)

Under the 'climbing frame'
Under the ‘climbing frame’