More on the 360

After working every evening for the past few weeks on the Underwater Photographer of the Year competition, finally I’ve been able to venture outside again a little.

Seeing as there is no vis in Torbay at the moment, I took a brief opportunity to take the Ricoh Theta out to Thatcher Point in Torquay. I’m still getting used to it’s strengths and (many!) weaknesses (IQ being a large one!) but on the whole it’s a remarkably versatile little device.

Thatcher point and Thatcher Rock, Torquay
Thatcher point and Thatcher Rock, Torquay

There are still limited editing options for these images, Photoshop will edit them but Lightroom strips out the necessary metadata for them to be recognised as 360 images. So right now I actually use my iPhone and the Theta_ app (which is actually quite a feature-rich bit of software) and use that to export. The image on the right was an iOS-App export.

I also use the Theta PC app, but this is a more rudimentary offering and I have to take a screen-shot to export anything. The top-most image was taken using that method and definitely suffers form IQ issues!

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