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Aerial 360

Ever the one to try something new, I’ve recently┬ábecome intrigued with marrying up my drone with my 360 camera. Some folks on youtube are having some success with this, so I thought I would also give it a shot!

Don’t forget to look up to see the Phantom!

Using a carbon-fibre base-plate between the legs of my DJI Phantom 3 standard, I then simply used a 30cm long bit of bungee cord attached to the Ricoh Theta and off I went :)

The Theta has a time lapse mode that takes an image every 6-8 seconds until it runs out of battery or memory. This is very useful as the Theta’s wifi range is pretty poor, no more than 6 or 7m.

Photo 24-02-2017, 18 39 13Being on the end of a bit of bungee meant there was a lot swinging around going on, but after some careful flying this can be managed, and hovering long enough in one position ensures a few usable image are taken at each location.

These images are of Hopes Nose in Torquay, south Devon. More fun to be had for sure with this setup!

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